Why Do We Feel Fear?

The greatest shackles we wear in life are those forged by our own fear. Fear is a survival mechanism we use to prevent ourselves from getting hurt or risking ridicule as a result of failure.

We must not try to find escape so we can hide from pain because ultimately, in the end, it will be more painful. Some methods of escape that are used are; narcotics, alcohol, or behavioral attitudes such as; denial, disinterest, indifference or reserved nature.

Instead, becoming more interested and engaged in other people’s lives will lessen the time we spend thinking negatively about our own life. Stay pleasantly busy.

Let’s re-adjust our way of thinking by realizing that failure is not the enemy of success; just the stepping stone to achievement. If we cannot hit our target, then we must adjust our aim so it will be easier to achieve. Remember that failure is not absolute; it is experimental. Everywhere we look in history we witness examples of brilliant people that started off with an idea that failed the first few times until it became a success. The trick is not in witnessing the failure, but in recognizing that perseverance and determination will ultimately destroy fear.

Remember: To fly we must first accept the possibility of falling.


~Christine Iliadis


Why Do We Suffer?

Why do we suffer? It is within our suffering that we face challenges and difficulties which in essence, give us our lessons and strengths. The greatest learning does come from our adversities. Adversity is not a detour; it is part of the path. Thinking of struggles in this way allows us to embrace this difficult road which we must walk; it may, in fact, be our only path to success. Therefore we must not denounce our suffering.

Some problems may be more difficult than others however how we deal with our problems is what truly matters. So we must select if we will be the whiner-or-winner and if we will resort to being the victim-or-victor?

Other times our struggles come from an external conflict. If this involves animosity or grudge, learn to forgive and let go so that you can move forward. Forgiveness can be unnerving, so when it overwhelms you think of this following phrase.

The ship releases its anchor not for the anchor’s benefit, but for the ship; as forgiveness does less for the forgiven than to the forgiver.

Release resentment = Freedom


~Christine Iliadis

Next Writer’s Block Meeting

Hi Everyone, I am a local author in Ajax Christine Iliadis. I have published, ‘Paradox of Freedom’. I am inviting Writers of any caliber to an open session where we all come together as a writing community to discuss writing stumbling blocks, provide encouraging feedback over a coffee on Wed Feb 8th@7 pm at the Ajax Library main branch on 55 Harwood avenue. It’s from 7-8:30 and please bring a notebook, pen and a fellow writer that you know. All my sessions are free.

Will you be able to make it this Wednesday? contact me: https://www.facebook.com/groups/christineswritersblock/