No More Excuses!

Isn’t time that we rid ourselves of our own rationalizations, empty all the restrictive reasoning, and free ourselves from justifications? Many of us are faced with the same inhibitions that weigh us down, stop us from living a life full of meaningful experiences. There are 18 inhibitions that cause the framework for all false rationalizations. As I list these 18, I will also rebuttal them with New beliefs that will help you overcome these excuses (although well justified by your own rationale), that are still very harmful to your happiness.

Risky                                      Fear of criticism

Fulfill destiny, elevate life                                                                                                      Peace you feel because you ignore the risk is far greater than staying stuck in a belief that is really only an excuse      

Difficult                                  example losing weight

It is a useful suffering that can only lead to a longer life, easier life with fewer health issues                                                                                                                      Everything requires that very first step which brings you closer to the end goal 

Longtime                             will take too long

Live in the present moment anyhow; there is only now                                                   The longer you take to start, the longer it will take 

Family Drama

We are born into our families and taken care of by them however we are not owned by anyone                                                                                                                                          We can do good for someone but we don’t owe anyone anything                                 We are not obliged by desires of kin                                                                                         We are not a possession and our children are not possessions of ours                       We create our own music to be heard; we must not die with music still in me             It is more respectful and honorable to live the life that we want; our family should be proud of us 

Deserving                            nothing ever works, prevention

Worthiness is not earned; therefore we deserve anything that is important to us 

Not my nature                               stuck in a rut, always this way, born this way

Allow nature of things in your life to be nurtured                                                         There is no proof that the way you’ve been is your only nature; even evolution changes                                                                                                                                               All you have ever known is not all you will ever know 

Can’t afford it                                   broke, no savings, no one can lend me money

A world of abundance is easy enough to access through knowledge and connections  Assistance I need is available and on its way, if I ask and learn how                    Internal knowing that what you need to achieve you can, even if it takes a while        Make alternative plans; get a loan or start a fundraiser 

No one will help me                         no family, friends, or anyone that I know

This is invalid; if you lose confidence in yourself, the universe will work against you, the world is filled with people that want to help                                                       Ball is in your court, it starts with you and the passion you have to accomplish your task and it is this passion that you will be able to access help                                       You are never alone

Never happened before                   history repeats itself

Leaving past where it belongs; new evolutions come about every day                       Past has no bearing on what I have and will create                                                            All the more reason to let something new and different happen now                     Since I’ve never done this before, I want to add this to my repertoire and have this experience now 

Not strong enough                          not physically, mentally, or spiritually capable

Will is your strength; don’t use your own ideas of yourself to justify not doing something                                                                                                                                      Have fortitude of character and mind                                                                                      Be vigilant, active, and brave                                                                                               What people think of you, is none of your business 

Not smart enough                           my marks, educators, and parents said so

Academia I.Q. is not the only form of intelligence                                                                  It is a visual conception and passion that manifests into creation; not intelligence    We are all created with exactly as much intelligence needed to accomplish our missions                                                                                                                                Willpower changes the brain                                                                                            Trusting in your wisdom; is trusting in the wisdom that created you                      Don’t second guess yourself 

Too old; not old enough                   can’t teach an old dog new tricks; childhood, educators

Rather than counting the times the Earth rotates the Sun; just enjoy the Earth and the Sun the best way you can                                                                                                 There is an unlimited side of you that lives independent of your body; you can train your body                                                                                                                                       Your mind doesn’t age; you are your age- but your wisdom, ideas, passions, and creation, have no age 

Rules won’t let me                       conventional/sterile ‘shoulds’ and ‘should not’

Obstacle to health and happiness                                                                                              Listen to your heart                                                                                                                          It is your God-given right to improve yourself 

 Too big                                        the task or dream is too big for me to pursue or accomplish

Success demands small thinking (even if the idea is too big)                                        Take it one step at a time                                                                                                               Be in the here and now; live each now moment at a time 

No energy                                   tired, exhausted, weary, sloppy habits, low energy thinking

An avalanche of energy is needed; fun, energetic thoughts in every day thinking        Meditation helps with promoting positive and energetic thoughts                        Vitality-way of thinking filled with purpose and elevation                                        Intend to create thoughts                                                                                                         Once you start something it usually gets easier, and harder to stop (energy just comes when you do it)                                                                                                            Because you get involved and focused on what you are doing that you don’t feel tired anymore 

My personal family history          stuck in the past, you must be like them

It is learned, in the past and over; relatives did and said what they had to do          Universe matches your thinking so have a stronger mindset                                          Re-imagine gratitude and appreciate what you went through because it made you exactly what you are supposed to be now                                                                                Having a bit of the history does sometimes keep you on the right path                        This is now; your life                                                                                                                        Attract the people you want; like-minded people 

Too busy                                              overwhelmed; chosen by me

Examine how you prioritize your life; what is most important to you                    Intend to make time for yourself; if you feel good, you can do good                        Smile is the master of your body; make yourself happy                                                  Breathe in and out every day and smell those roses                                                                I make time to exercise because I am too busy to get sick 

Scared                                    fear, anxiety

Love cannot be fear; fear cannot be love                                                                          Therefore trust and love yourself enough to know that you can do anything that you would love to do                                                                                                                              Let go and let God 

Next week I will write about the Principles that will help these 18 inhibitors further and affirm the beliefs that were discussed (bolded above). 

~Christine Iliadis                                                                                                                                  Author of Paradox of Freedom

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Make your subconscious mind work for you!

The subconscious mind is the most powerful instrument that you have,              processing  4 000 000 000 bits of information per second, while the conscious mind can process only 2 000 bits; making the subconscious mind 2 million times faster.

It is a huge memory bank with unlimited capacity and is responsible for your emotional state every moment of your life; managing your reality. When you experience pain your conscious mind pushes it to the subconscious where it lingers, giving off negative effects which can last a lifetime. When negative situations are triggered, your first reaction is to blame; other people, the government, the climate, or whatever else you happen to choose.

When you meditate though, you are able to access those deep buried painful situations and bring them to the surface so you can access them. As painful as it may seem, this can be equally gratifying. By accessing them, you can then contend with those painful situations in a positive way one at a time. Understand why this situation affects you and how you can modify its hold it has on you.

There are two ways to handle this problem; either fix it or look at it differently.              For instance, let’s pretend that you don’t like your work schedule because of its lack of consistency.

To fix the problem you might ask for a more fixed schedule at your existing job, or look for another job that meets your needs.

If neither of these choices is good for you, then it’s time to let your subconscious mind appease you by looking at the situation differently.

‘When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at thing change.’

You may want to look at your scattered schedule as exciting because it is unknown and mysterious from week-to-week. You might see your work schedule as never boring or monotonous and offers a great change from one week to the next. It is a well-known fact that change is as good as a rest. Having a non-static schedule can offer you time to comply with government and store hours that you may not have had access to otherwise.

So now you’ve come up with the different perception, now what?                                    Now you meditate by affirming these positive perceptions daily so that your subconscious mind accepts them as your new truth. Repetition is key to affirming anything into your mind, just as advertising needs to be repeated in order for consumers to remember the product. It is only when you can accomplish this feat that you can completely make your subconscious mind work for you.

~Christine Iliadis                                                                                                                         Author of Paradox of Freedom

#AspiretoBE #WklyWord #ParadoxofFreedom #inspirational #inspire #sociology #psychology #mind #brain #subconscious #conscious #inspire #motivational #motivate #spiritual #career #health #parenting #family #change #affirmations #positive #happy #happiness

Core Energy

How can Core Energy give you Power? Let’s discuss how to Reach that Higher Level starting from your very Inner Core…

Be Proactive; Not Reactive

Proactive people make nouns into verbs              Eg. Love, Life, Friendship, Relationship

Proactive-positive energy enlarges circle of influence

-works on things they can do something about

Reactive- negative energy reduces the circle of influence

-focus on weakness of others and environmental problems

Be Interdependent; rather than Independent

Independent-I can do it, I am responsible

Interdependent- we can do it by combining our talents and abilities

Dependent- need others to get what they want

Proactive moves you into Action

Existence-desire (want to)

Skills (how to)

Knowledge (what to do and why to do it)

Begin with the End in Mind (End Zone)

Self-awareness is your life source; security, wisdom, power, and guidance.

Security- sense of worth and self-esteem, identity and personal strength

Wisdom- perspective, balance, judgment and comprehension

Power- capacity to act, persistence and energy

Guidance- direction in life, principles in decision-making

Your core will drive these life sources that are detrimental to our well being as an individual of self-awareness. However to be Proactive and Interdependent in these life sources takes tremendous selfless moral energy.

Core Energy

Many people have different core energy; this is what moves them drastically in their every day lives; it is their motivation or strong belief. Once you determine your core you will see how it motivates your life sources; security, guidance, wisdom and power.

Some people are moved by vulnerability of how others treat them.

Some people are moved by family acceptance, validation, and tradition.

Some people are moved by money and financial benefit.

Some people are moved by work; career, housekeeping, scholar.

Some people are moved by Social Status and material possessions; including retrieval.

Some people are moved by Physical or substance pleasure.

Some people are moved by  Social relationships and their validation.

Some people are moved by hatred of an individual and revenge for satisfaction.

Some people are moved by Religion and institutional following.

Some people are moved by only their self and what benefits them.

Some people are moved by balance and principles and morals by interdependence and positive freedom.

So you can see that most of us possess ALL the energy to some small degree. However each one of us has a core that fits into one of these above.

That being said it is only the last core energy that offers us true freedom. It gives us Interdependence, and positive as well as a Proactive approach regardless of external circumstances or validation. It is a person that continually wants personal improvement, strength, confidence, and knowledge. Change is welcomed as a journey by their internal compass and they feel balanced as a whole. They feel balanced and are often seen as different because of their deep thought and how they see things differently from the rest of the world. They view the world as an ideal effective way to have happy free living. They see the world in terms of what you can do for the world and its people. They serve and build others and gravitate towards positive like-people.

Ideally, we need more of these people to be truly happy and free.

Paradox of Freedom

By Christine Iliadis