Why Do We Feel Fear?

The greatest shackles we wear in life are those forged by our own fear. Fear is a survival mechanism we use to prevent ourselves from getting hurt or risking ridicule as a result of failure.

We must not try to find escape so we can hide from pain because ultimately, in the end, it will be more painful. Some methods of escape that are used are; narcotics, alcohol, or behavioral attitudes such as; denial, disinterest, indifference or reserved nature.

Instead, becoming more interested and engaged in other people’s lives will lessen the time we spend thinking negatively about our own life. Stay pleasantly busy.

Let’s re-adjust our way of thinking by realizing that failure is not the enemy of success; just the stepping stone to achievement. If we cannot hit our target, then we must adjust our aim so it will be easier to achieve. Remember that failure is not absolute; it is experimental. Everywhere we look in history we witness examples of brilliant people that started off with an idea that failed the first few times until it became a success. The trick is not in witnessing the failure, but in recognizing that perseverance and determination will ultimately destroy fear.

Remember: To fly we must first accept the possibility of falling.


~Christine Iliadis


Why Do We Suffer?

Why do we suffer? It is within our suffering that we face challenges and difficulties which in essence, give us our lessons and strengths. The greatest learning does come from our adversities. Adversity is not a detour; it is part of the path. Thinking of struggles in this way allows us to embrace this difficult road which we must walk; it may, in fact, be our only path to success. Therefore we must not denounce our suffering.

Some problems may be more difficult than others however how we deal with our problems is what truly matters. So we must select if we will be the whiner-or-winner and if we will resort to being the victim-or-victor?

Other times our struggles come from an external conflict. If this involves animosity or grudge, learn to forgive and let go so that you can move forward. Forgiveness can be unnerving, so when it overwhelms you think of this following phrase.

The ship releases its anchor not for the anchor’s benefit, but for the ship; as forgiveness does less for the forgiven than to the forgiver.

Release resentment = Freedom


~Christine Iliadis

Next Writer’s Block Meeting

Hi Everyone, I am a local author in Ajax Christine Iliadis. I have published, ‘Paradox of Freedom’. I am inviting Writers of any caliber to an open session where we all come together as a writing community to discuss writing stumbling blocks, provide encouraging feedback over a coffee on Wed Feb 8th@7 pm at the Ajax Library main branch on 55 Harwood avenue. It’s from 7-8:30 and please bring a notebook, pen and a fellow writer that you know. All my sessions are free.

Will you be able to make it this Wednesday? contact me: https://www.facebook.com/groups/christineswritersblock/


Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky!


As I gazed up at the sky while sitting on my deck, sipping a cup of coffee, waiting for a stroke of genius to finally fill that place where the cursor once flashed at me from my laptop. It occurred to me that the parallelism between being a writer and the mighty sky is overwhelming. The sky is my safe haven. So while others try to reach it; I will kiss it!

A Writers struggle is as endless as the sky. We cope with poverty as we write our first draft of our masterpiece. Then we are faced with self-criticism as we edit our own work realizing that nothing is as it seems and our passion is as unending as the sky itself. This is similar to how we strive to complete the best query for a potential publisher, only to have it rejected. Our persistence must be fierce, relentless and inexhaustible as is the sky.

Writers must have a universal abundance of imagination as there is a universal abundance of sky that encompasses our Earth. The creativity that flows from a writer has to be unlimited in order for infinite possibilities to surface. We need to be able to have timeless determination as we face the challenges of cycles that we go through as a writer between writer’s block and negative reactions from others’. We must be persistent as the sky persists to accept dusk till dawn cycles with timeless repetition.

As a Writer I want to dig deeper into the feelings and impressions that the sky’s ambience releases. Every time that I look up at the sky it gives me a sense of inner freedom and tranquility. Sunrise greets me with a kiss on the cheek a waiting the eventful and productive day that is about to unfold.

Its daytime splendor when a blue sky is above, offers a happy sensation of bliss when the sunshine glistens off of every one of God’s creations casting off impeccable beauty.

On a rainy day I feel an obligatory duty to curl up to a good book with a soft, fluffy blanket and a steamy hot cup of coffee. Anticipation awaits as I am greeted with unique characters with every page that I turn. Each chapter is as inviting as each day that greets me.

Sunset is majestic with the shades of pinks, oranges and reds that present a sense of romantic emotions that make us feel vulnerable to its magnitude. As night approaches a peaceful lull cascades that side of the Earth as every life form cools and relaxes.

Whether or not the city sleeps, the overwhelming sense of our Creator embraces us regardless the cycle. So you can see the many similarities between the sky and a writer. The sky welcomes every moment with a kiss so excuse me while I kiss the sky.  

By Christine Iliadis

Core Energy

How can Core Energy give you Power? Let’s discuss how to Reach that Higher Level starting from your very Inner Core…

Be Proactive; Not Reactive

Proactive people make nouns into verbs              Eg. Love, Life, Friendship, Relationship

Proactive-positive energy enlarges circle of influence

-works on things they can do something about

Reactive- negative energy reduces the circle of influence

-focus on weakness of others and environmental problems

Be Interdependent; rather than Independent

Independent-I can do it, I am responsible

Interdependent- we can do it by combining our talents and abilities

Dependent- need others to get what they want

Proactive moves you into Action

Existence-desire (want to)

Skills (how to)

Knowledge (what to do and why to do it)

Begin with the End in Mind (End Zone)

Self-awareness is your life source; security, wisdom, power, and guidance.

Security- sense of worth and self-esteem, identity and personal strength

Wisdom- perspective, balance, judgment and comprehension

Power- capacity to act, persistence and energy

Guidance- direction in life, principles in decision-making

Your core will drive these life sources that are detrimental to our well being as an individual of self-awareness. However to be Proactive and Interdependent in these life sources takes tremendous selfless moral energy.

Core Energy

Many people have different core energy; this is what moves them drastically in their every day lives; it is their motivation or strong belief. Once you determine your core you will see how it motivates your life sources; security, guidance, wisdom and power.

Some people are moved by vulnerability of how others treat them.

Some people are moved by family acceptance, validation, and tradition.

Some people are moved by money and financial benefit.

Some people are moved by work; career, housekeeping, scholar.

Some people are moved by Social Status and material possessions; including retrieval.

Some people are moved by Physical or substance pleasure.

Some people are moved by  Social relationships and their validation.

Some people are moved by hatred of an individual and revenge for satisfaction.

Some people are moved by Religion and institutional following.

Some people are moved by only their self and what benefits them.

Some people are moved by balance and principles and morals by interdependence and positive freedom.

So you can see that most of us possess ALL the energy to some small degree. However each one of us has a core that fits into one of these above.

That being said it is only the last core energy that offers us true freedom. It gives us Interdependence, and positive as well as a Proactive approach regardless of external circumstances or validation. It is a person that continually wants personal improvement, strength, confidence, and knowledge. Change is welcomed as a journey by their internal compass and they feel balanced as a whole. They feel balanced and are often seen as different because of their deep thought and how they see things differently from the rest of the world. They view the world as an ideal effective way to have happy free living. They see the world in terms of what you can do for the world and its people. They serve and build others and gravitate towards positive like-people.

Ideally, we need more of these people to be truly happy and free.

Paradox of Freedom

By Christine Iliadis




Reach a Higher Level: It’s All in Your Head!

Most of us associate intelligence with the ability or capacity of our conscious mind. What if I told you that you can acquire more intelligence through your subconscious mind? What if I said…it’s all in your head?

It sounds profound doesn’t it?

Every single human being on this planet has the capacity to tap into this higher level of knowledge.

What you don’t know is that you tap into it every night when you sleep.

Why then you ask, is it not working for you?

It doesn’t work for you because you have the tools and you don’t know how to use them yet. You need to learn to use them and then you need to master this new approach. I can show you how. It takes time and practice as most things that are worth it, do!

We as humans are able to use 11% or our 3 pound organ called our brain. Of this 11% most of us only use 3%. (I believe Einstein may have used the 11%). So what are we doing with our 89% of our accessible brain?

It can’t be there for no good reason at all? Just as Astrophysics scientists believe that there is a reason for all the universe and dark matter; Neuroscientists believe that there is a reason for all the gray matter that’s in our brain.

I do believe that our subconscious mind accounts for the 89% of our brains that we do not use while we are conscious. Our brain backs up all the information that we have gathered during the day and stores it in our subconscious. A storage even though used, does not initiate intelligence. We therefore do not alter that 89% of our brain when we use it as storage. It is to my understanding that we utilize it effectively when we make it work for us.

It is common knowledge that when we sleep our mind jumbles all the events that has happened over the course of our ‘wakeful’ hours and tries to make sense of it. This process must occur in our REM state which is when we dream. This is why sometimes we cannot make sense of our dreams. I feel that it is at this point when we can reach our higher level.

If we train our subconscious brain I believe that we can do a great many things. We need to feed our conscious mind positive thought and affirmations throughout the day so that it will filter this positive feedback into our subconscious as we sleep.


So let’s discuss what we can do and what we can achieve…

  • control your behavior
  • break bad habits
  • get rid of unwanted emotions
  • fix your belief system
  • feel healthier and stronger physically by ridding yourself of some ailments that may have been either created or worsened by negative or fearful thoughts that festered over time
  • feel healthier and stronger mentally by being in control of your mind, emotions, and thoughts
  • feel healthier and stronger spiritually by truly understanding yourself and being free of immobilizers that inhibit you from moving forward as I explained in depth in my self-help book, ‘Paradox of Freedom’
  • feed your brain only positive thoughts during your waking hours (negative thoughts fester and cause psychosomatic medical ailments)
  • feed your body a lot of green vegetables because they have enzymes which counter-balance the acidity in our bodies (enzymes ultimately cure ailments naturally over time; while acidity potentially causes a lot of medical problems)
  • turn every negative feedback into a positive one (find the good in everything/everyone)
  • affirm positive and direct statements before bed of things you want to achieve (this will allow your subconscious mind to figure out how you propose to accomplish this request
  • affirm positive and direct compliments about yourself and your general demeanor before bed to instill acceptance and love for yourself


How your Subconscious Mind works:

  • Does not differentiate between visualizations and real situations
  • Recognizes real time regardless if sleeping or awake consciously
  • Believes your inner most truth; it will therefore take longer to alter new thought (that is why it is imperative that only good positive thoughts go in)
  • Physical changes are caused by one thing; the belief or the thought (Example losing weight or becoming ill or pulse racing from anxiety)
  • Thoughts and expectations serve as the master plan; subconscious mind will do its best to make it come true
  • Always in search for proof to every feedback and thought
  • Always prevails in conflicts with the conscious mind because it is more powerful
  • While you sleep to process everything and store it correctly to use information when needed (access negative clutter slows the system down- many people reboot by detoxing their mind with psychotherapy or burning papers of negative statements)


For all the reasons how the subconscious mind works it is imperative that you always feed it positive affirmations, thoughts that are happy and fulfilling. You must always see the brighter side, the greener side. As ‘Pollyanna’ as this might sound…it is the only answer when reaching that higher (almost super-being) goal. Can you imagine getting everything good you want out of this life? Everything is possible to achieve at your fingertips. You have the magic wand- now use it!


It is verified and proven that to achieve anything you want in life…it truly is all in your head!

~ Christine Iliadis