First ‘Writer’s Block’ Meeting


Join author Christine Iliadis and other novice writers at this informal support group where you can share current projects, provide encouraging feedback and discuss the publishing journey.

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Program Location: Ajax Library – Main Branch
Next Session: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 – 7:00pm
Running Time: 2 Hours
Sessions to follow: Every 2nd Wednesday of every month
Wednesday, February 8, 2017 – 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 – 7:00pm
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 – 7:00pm

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky!


As I gazed up at the sky while sitting on my deck, sipping a cup of coffee, waiting for a stroke of genius to finally fill that place where the cursor once flashed at me from my laptop. It occurred to me that the parallelism between being a writer and the mighty sky is overwhelming. The sky is my safe haven. So while others try to reach it; I will kiss it!

A Writers struggle is as endless as the sky. We cope with poverty as we write our first draft of our masterpiece. Then we are faced with self-criticism as we edit our own work realizing that nothing is as it seems and our passion is as unending as the sky itself. This is similar to how we strive to complete the best query for a potential publisher, only to have it rejected. Our persistence must be fierce, relentless and inexhaustible as is the sky.

Writers must have a universal abundance of imagination as there is a universal abundance of sky that encompasses our Earth. The creativity that flows from a writer has to be unlimited in order for infinite possibilities to surface. We need to be able to have timeless determination as we face the challenges of cycles that we go through as a writer between writer’s block and negative reactions from others’. We must be persistent as the sky persists to accept dusk till dawn cycles with timeless repetition.

As a Writer I want to dig deeper into the feelings and impressions that the sky’s ambience releases. Every time that I look up at the sky it gives me a sense of inner freedom and tranquility. Sunrise greets me with a kiss on the cheek a waiting the eventful and productive day that is about to unfold.

Its daytime splendor when a blue sky is above, offers a happy sensation of bliss when the sunshine glistens off of every one of God’s creations casting off impeccable beauty.

On a rainy day I feel an obligatory duty to curl up to a good book with a soft, fluffy blanket and a steamy hot cup of coffee. Anticipation awaits as I am greeted with unique characters with every page that I turn. Each chapter is as inviting as each day that greets me.

Sunset is majestic with the shades of pinks, oranges and reds that present a sense of romantic emotions that make us feel vulnerable to its magnitude. As night approaches a peaceful lull cascades that side of the Earth as every life form cools and relaxes.

Whether or not the city sleeps, the overwhelming sense of our Creator embraces us regardless the cycle. So you can see the many similarities between the sky and a writer. The sky welcomes every moment with a kiss so excuse me while I kiss the sky.  

By Christine Iliadis

Town of Ajax Public Library Book Launch & Signing was a Success!

I want to take a moment to thank every person that came to the event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this day so very special for me!  I want to thank my wonderful close friends and family for all their hard work and assistance; Lewis and Amanda Iliadis, Sherine Allison-Sher’s 5 Star Catering, Larry Rosen, Hussain Jaber, Michael O’Connor, James Grant, Cathy Fitzsimmons.  I want to thank the Ajax Public Library for coordinating this event particularly; Cindy Poon, Sarah Dodge, and Nancy Whittington.  Thank you to anyone that couldn’t make it that offered me their support just the same. I could feel your tremendous energy and love!

It was a successful day if I entertained you even a little bit; if I made you cry, or laugh, or helped you in any way. I sold a multitude of books and i hope that you get the same pleasure in reading it as I did in writing it.
Let it inspire you! Think Positive! xo

My Theory on the Subconscious Mind

I wrote “Paradox of Freedom” because I am a fond believer that everyone writes their own story. I am deeply inspired by any book or movie that creates human awareness and self-improvement. I am a principle-centered, problem solver intrigued by mystery of the unknown. That being said, I have always been intrigued by the two most complex topics in the world: grey brain matter and dark universe matter; both being an ominously divine language.
My theory is that grey matter is our subconscious mind which links with dark matter reaching the divine intervention only when we request it. The subconscious mind is the bridge between the mind, body and soul. If we can use this phenomenon to its full capacity, we can achieve all our desires to improve our circumstances along with optimum health and happiness. We can attain this by planting positive rewarding thoughts and actions into our subconscious mind which I show you in my book. We have the power to create the life that we want to live. Positive feeds off of positive which in turn can only bring about more of that optimism.

By Christine Iliadis