Paradox of Freedom

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‘Paradox of Freedom’ self-help book is for people who want to become more aware of the thoughts that they are having in their minds and how it impacts them in either a positive or negative way.

My ‘how to’ book is easy to understand, and easy to apply, offering immediate results, allowing you to experience more joy and love in your life with a positive mental framework. ‘When you change the way you look at things; the way you look at things change‘. #AspiretoBE #ParadoxofFreedom #selfhelp

‘Paradox of Freedom’ is a non-fiction pop-psychology self-help book focusing on mental wellness and health to promote a happy and positive lifestyle. I feel that it can be used as a self-help guide or pocketbook that can be a quick read due to its smaller size (word count 10,112). It can be a daily dose of positive reinforcement that can be carried around or kept close to the reader.

‘Paradox of Freedom’ is a self-empowering book designed as a guideline for every individual in the world. It will inspire the reader to gain and maintain life-long internal freedom and inner peace through positive and realistic thought, contrary to what has been learned in our everyday life. Through the course of our lives everyone has learned destructive behavior; negative immobilizers that can consume us and make us stressed or depressed. This emotionally draining pessimistic nature can isolate, dominate and control us and therefore restrict us from truly being happy, free and healthy by inhibiting us from moving forward.

‘Paradox of Freedom’ enables the reader to claim control of their subconscious mind. I will teach you to embed positive thoughts before you sleep so you can feel happy, healthy and instill an optimistic lifestyle.

‘Paradox of Freedom’ offers the reader a blueprint for ditching learned behavior; replacing it with inner freedom. Instead of seeking praise simply rely on your own assessment. Each chapter covers life-affecting emotions like anger and guilt and constructs such as justice and asks the reader to control these things rather than be under their sway. If you consider yourself to be under the constraints of learned behavior then Paradox of Freedom could well offer you the psychological tools to break free.